Vagabonde is a company that creates and sells decoration with different themes: mountain and sea.

Let the softness and the chic penetrate into your home with our wide déco range . Bed linen with summer and winter duvet covers, bath linen, glasses, tableware and matching lampshades! Vagabonde has everything you need in any season to bring a cosy and warm touch with the mountain collection but also a sea collection.

On the professional side, our collections hotels, restaurants and guest houses..

To bring you the best satisfaction possible, we have a wide range of different colours . Taupe, chocolate, grey, ecru, red and white are this year's trendy colours!

You can also take advantage of a wide range of designs: Butterfly, edelweiss, deer, bear, snowflakes, cable-car, ski, marmotts, sheeps etc! Enough to give charm and delicacy to your interior!

Many retailers throughout France sell Vagabonde decoration and trust us. All of our products are of French design, whose quality and elegance are our top priorities.