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Press Release September 2017

The ski slopes of Vagabonde!

Every year we look forward to the ski holidays. That's good timing!
Vagabonde is a company specialized in mountain decoration and enables you to be ahead of the winter season with the brand new Ski track collection!
The Ski track duvet cover
Embroidered with beautiful wooden skis planted in the snow alongside a lovely fir tree. The trace de ski duvet cover, mountain deco will make young and old dream of our beautiful ski slopes.
Available in taupe colour embroidered with white and chocolate and White embroidered with red and grey, we can embellish it with a nice fur plaid to add chic and charm to your cottage rooms.
Don't forget to match the Vagabonde duvet cover with beautiful lampshades from the same collection together with the Vagabonde Trace de Ski bath linen.

Ski track bath linen
The mountain deco ski trace motif invites itself into bathrooms with three fluffy towels of different sizes and bath mats. These give a cosy chalet atmosphere in bathrooms by their white colour and taupe and chocolate embroidery together with their grey colour with red and white embroidery.

Ski track glass
The new mountain deco ski track water and whisky glass will give a typical mountain atmosphere to your table layout.
With the red or white design, this glass will naturally take its place in all occasions and naturally in your chalet!

The magic of the snowflake by Vagabonde

Vagabonde extends its snowflake range with new very pretty models for a chic and cosy atmosphere.

Une An avalanche in the bedrooms!
The snowflake! This is the essential element of our lovely snow coats. For this purpose Vagabonde has created new models of duvet covers that will be sprinkled with adorable snowflakes. The fabric of the duvet cover is a pleasant quality cotton, which gives us unequalled comfort in our beds. The company offers trendy colours such as white and taupe. The white duvet covers are embroidered with grey snowflakes and the taupe duvet covers are embroidered with chocolate and white snowflakes. In addition to this, they can be coordinated with the new range of ocon lampshades to give more elegance and harmony. Our bath linen is also a part of this plan! Bath linen will also be embroidered with a snowflake pattern to add charm to the bathroom. In e and, Vagabonde offers towels available in 3 sizes, round tea towels and bath mats. For the colours, grey and white were chosen. Embroidered white or embroidered chocolate and taupe. The snowflake bath linen will satisfy families and friends enjoying their bathroom. There's nothing like a fluffy towel after a bath. The glasses are taking their place! Wine glasses, champagne glasses, water glasses and small glasses are on view with delightful snowflake designs. Red or white, just choose. In all occasions, snowflake glasses are the essential for setting lovely tables!